Becoming a patient
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Becoming a patient

If you feel that yourself or a loved one requires our services, you should talk first to your doctor, consultant or district nurse.

Your medical professional can download our referral form and apply on your behalf (and, if needed, they can talk to us about your needs).

Patients are typically admitted to the hospice for one, or more, of these reasons:

  • For an assessment which may include symptom management
  • symptom control – this is a specialised area and we may be able to provide more help than your doctor or a hospital.
  • end-of-life care.

We are not able to provide respite care – our facilities are limited and our focus is always helping those patients with the most pressing needs.

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Assessing your needs

Once referred, our healthcare professionals will assess your needs. We will also assess whether you will benefit from attending our day therapy centre, which is a very effective way to receive care without being admitted to one of our wards. In every case, we look at the individual’s needs in detail, to plan a highly tailored programme of care. A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) will be responsible for your care. Please download the document on the right 'MDT' for more information.

If you become a patient

We typically admit patients during the week. We don’t have formal visiting times (this doesn’t really fit with the type of care we provide) though we do ask that friends and family should coordinate visits where possible – it’s easy for a patient to become overwhelmed. Children and pets are very welcome to visit, but should be accompanied by an adult and be supervised.