Why your support matters to us


Our CEO, Sonya Currey and Chairman Guy Hindle explain why your fundraising matters

St Rocco’s is part of the community for one very simple reason; it serves every member of the community who needs it and is funded by our community. Less than 20% of our annual running costs come from the NHS, so St Rocco’s is almost entirely reliant on the efforts of community fundraisers, and those who sponsor them. That funding ensures that the hospice can continue to provide an excellent service to those in their greatest time of need.

It is a sad fact that without your commitment the hospice would probably go out of business. That isn’t a scare story, it has happened to other hospices across the country.

So, your efforts are not only hugely appreciated but also fundamental to the ongoing work of the hospice. We know that in most cases your fundraising is born out of personal experience of the care that St Rocco’s provides, so be assured that your efforts ensure that future patients are as well cared for as your loved ones were.

Thank you for doing what you do.

Sonya & Guy

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