Advice and Guidance for St. Rocco’s Supporters

Firstly, THANK YOU so much for choosing to support St. Rocco’s Hospice. Your support means that we can continue to provide valuable care to those living with a life limiting illness. Your kindness and generosity is truly valued.

The advice and guidance that follows is designed for people that are out in the community raising funds for the Hospice. This includes;


  • Supporters organising their own events in the community
  • Supporters taking part in sponsored events and challenges
  • Supporters volunteering at St. Rocco’s organised bag packs and bucket collections/ street collections
  • Supporters taking stalls at third party events to raise funds for the Hospice
  • Supporters doing raffles, tombolas etc. to rasie funds for the Hospice
  • Supporters volunteering their time to distribute and collect our collection tins

Handling Donations

As you are helping the Hospice to generate funds it’s important that you know how best to handle donations. Here are some top tips:



  • Cash must be banked as soon as is practicable. To aid this, we ask you to bring in donations from your event within 4 weeks of your event taking place (unless more suitable date has previously agreed)
  • Cash not banked immediately must be placed in a safe or other secure location. Unsecured cash must never be left unattended or in an unattended environment.
  • Cheques must be banked or, where used, sent to the Hospice promptly.
  • Cash must also be counted in a secure environment, wherever possible ask St. Rocco’s Fundraising team to count and record the cash.
  • Collection boxes to only be examined and opened by the St. Rocco’s Fundraising Team


  • You must not make deductions from cash received unless agreed with the organisation and must ensure St. Rocco’s Hospice receives all money raised.
  • Change must not be given for cheques.
  • Refunds must not be available until the money is in the organisation’s account.
  • Children under 16 must not be left with overall responsibility for handling money and/or responsibility for counting collected money. Collectors in street collections must not be under 16

St. Rocco’s Collections

Whether it’s a collection at an event, on private property or a street collection on public property it’s important that you follow the fundraising guidance below.



  • Collectors must be courteous at all times
  • Volunteers must only have their out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed
  • Collectors must ensure that they wear appropriate clothing, which includes ensuring any provided clothing showing the name of the Fundraising Organisation is visible.
  • Collectors must provide the Hospice with full details of who is collecting as well as where and when
  • When collecting in a public space, licenses must be applied for to the local authority in plenty of time before the event. We recommend 4 weeks in advance wherever possible.
  • The collector must obtain permission of site holders to collect on the premises and must ensure they only collect on times/dates/areas specified.
    • This permission must be in writing for you to produce when requested
  • If times are not set out as part of agreements or licences, standard operating hours must be 9am-9pm on a weekday and 10am-9pm on a weekend.
  • Collectors must possess a certificate of authority or badge signed by the St. Rocco’s Hospice bearing the name/s of the fundraising organisation that will benefit from the collection, together with their own name, address and signature. The certificate of authority from St. Rocco’s must be shown to the site holder.


  • Collectors must not smoke or fundraise under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Collectors must not ‘shake’ their buckets
  • Collectors must not be place undue pressure for people to donate


On the rare occasion that someone would like to make a complaint, it’s really important that as a St. Rocco’s representative you are able to give the public information on how to make a complaint.

Any complaints must be emailed to or to write in; Fundraising Team, St. Rocco’s Hospice, Lockton Lane, Bewsey, Warrington, WA5 0BW. More on our complaints procedure can be found on our website

Organising an event ‘in aid of’ St. Rocco’s Hospice

Thank you so much for organising an event to raise valuable funds for the Hospice.

If you have contacted the Hospice in order to put on a third party event it must be clear who is organising and responsible for the event and that the event is ‘in aid of’ St. Rocco’s Hospice. This means that you have control over, and complete responsibility for the fundraising activity. Therefore St. Rocco’s Hospice is unable to accept any responsibility or liability for this event. However, if fundraising methods are used of which the charity disapproves, action can be taken to prevent the fundraising.

Using the St. Rocco’s Logo

If you are producing any posters, tickets etc. that require the St. Rocco’s logo please get in touch and we will be able to provide you with the logo pictured below. This logo shows that you are organising an event in aid of the Hospice.


This document is a summary from the code of fundraising practise. For further information please visit;

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