We might not be able to get out and about as much as we'd like right now - but don't let that stop you from planning an awesome fundraiser for St Rocco's! Here are our Top Tips for organising your event...

1. What fundraiser should I do?

First things first, you’ll need to decide what kind of virtual fundraising event you’d like to do. A great way to fundraise is to get others involved, so make sure that you consider all the different ways to communicate with others. You could use an online platform like Facebook or Zoom, or use your mobile phone to Facetime or call friends and family.

If you’re unsure of what to do, how about one of these ideas:

  • Clear out your wardrobes and attic – is there anything in there that you don’t need anymore? Put it on ebay and raise money for St Rocco’s!
  • If you’re stuck indoors, you’ll want to keep fit – how about challenging yourself to do 10,000 steps a day inside. For every day you manage, ask people to sponsor you.
  • Virtual pub quiz – fancy yourself a bit of a quiz master? Set up a virtual pub quiz and livestream on Facebook or through another streaming service. Ask friends and family to set up teams and donate.
  • Organise a virtual concert – maybe you play the piano, or sing? Ask friends and relatives to sponsor you, and livestream your concert on Facebook (let us know about it too!)
  • Auction of favours: You don’t need to be able to do it all right now. You could auction off your time and skills to be used at a later date.
  • Gaming marathon. One for the kids, and big kids. Ask friends to sponsor your game-a-thon (but make sure you put your health first!)

You can also get in touch with us for more help and advice at fundraising@stroccos.org.uk

2.Get planning

After deciding on your fundraising activity, date and time, you’ll need to work out the best way for people to donate money, usually this is online.

Planning a virtual fundraising event will take just as much planning as an actual live event, so make sure that you think about every stage and plan well. It's important to launch your fundraising page with enough time to promote the virtual event. Also, you will need lots of pictures and videos to rally up support so make sure your phone is at the ready!

3.Promote your event

Spread the word about your amazing virtual fundraising event on social media. Share a link to your fundraising page on as many communication tools as possible where you have an audience such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Live streaming your activity is a great way to boost donations. If you let people know when they can tune in, you can talk to your audience and encourage donations in real time. It also gives your friends and family something to look forward to watching. 

Let people know why you’ve chosen to support St Rocco's Hospice. Provide regular updates, and make sure you tweet @stroccos and like us on Facebook.

You can even get in touch with your local press! They really like to hear of good news stories with fun pictures and videos.

4. Donations

It’s important to make sure that the funds you raise are safely paid in. If you’re raising the money via an online fundraising page, such as Justgiving, the money will come directly to us.

5.Saying thank you and well done!

Don't forget to thank all your wonderful supporters for their donations and thank anyone who helped organise and promote your activity.

The final step - congratulate yourself on all your hard work! The money you raise will help us continue our work during this very critical time.

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