From handbags to headboards, we’re always happy to receive more goods to sell!

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Whether you are having a spring clean, looking for a bargain or something specific, these are the kinds of items that we always need:

  • Ladies Clothes (in particular tops, blouses and jackets)
  • Ladies Shoes (heels, flats and sandals)
  • Ladies Accessories (handbags, hats and gloves)
  • Jewellery (Brooches are a big seller but rings, necklaces and bracelets also welcome)
  • Good quality household ornaments including mirrors

Please remember that all items must be clean and in good condition for us to sell them. If you wouldn’t want to buy it, then we probably wouldn’t be able to sell it!

Goods should be dropped off during opening hours. Please don’t leave items outside a shop if it is closed.

What we are unable to accept:

We’re sorry but some items we aren’t able to accept for health and safety or legal reasons:

  • adult nightwear which does not have fire safety labels
  • baby items (other than clothing)
  • children’s nightwear
  • cosmetics and perfumes
  • electrical items (with the exception of our specialist furniture and interiors shop on Mersey Street)
  • exercise equipment, including weights and any sort of machinery
  • food and drink
  • knives, including all hunting and fishing knives, ornamental swords and daggers as well as some kitchen knives
  • oil or gas appliances, heaters and lights
  • personal hygiene items, including ladyshavers, epilators and massagers
  • roller skates, ice skates, skateboards
  • safety headgear, including riding hats, motorbike helmets, cycle and skateboard helmets
  • soft toys which do not have the CE mark
  • spectacles
  • swim flotation devices, including armbands and buoyancy aids

This list is a guide only; please contact your local shop for further advice.

Very occasionally the shops are overwhelmed with donations. If the storage areas are full, further donations cannot be accepted for safety reasons until there is space available. 

If you have a large volume of items to donate or are making a special trip, please telephone the shop beforehand to ensure your donation can be accommodated.

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