St. Rocco's says a fond farewell to Chair of Trustee's, Roger Preece


It was sincere thanks’ that we say a fond farewell to our outgoing Chairman Roger Preece, Roger joined St Rocco’s on the 5th October 2017 and along with his colleagues on the board of trustee’s has supported the Hospice over the past two years.

  Roger Preece

Roger has been appointed to the role of Master of the Royal Foundation of St Katherine, an ancient Royal Foundation in the East End of London. The foundation now runs retreats and conference facilities for individuals, charities and businesses.

Roger says "I have loved my time serving the Hospice over the last couple of years. It is a wonderful organisation that is so professional and yet so pastoral. With the very best of the best in medical care for complex palliative care needs, along with a smiling nursing team with cups of tea and an array of expertise and faithful gardeners, therapists and administrative staff. All underpinned with an incredible number of volunteers who support the hospice with their time, money and love.

The care given to individuals and their loved ones towards the end of life and in bereavement for as long as people need it is simply remarkable.

Given the strength of the board that we have been able build in recent years, I was in no doubt that an excellent successor to take on the role of Chair could be found from within our existing board of trustees."

Guy Hindle has been a member of the board of trustees at St Rocco’s Hospice for two years, during this time Guy has demonstrated his passion and commitment to St Rocco’s and to its future. At the board of trustee’s meeting on the 23rd July 2019 Guy was elected unanimously by the Board to be the new Chairman, with immediate effect.

                                   Guy Hindle

Message from Guy: "As a fellow trustee I already know just how impressive Roger has been as a Chair of this wonderful organisation. As incoming Chair I am about to find out just how hard he worked in a voluntary capacity to support the senior team, volunteers and trustees to ensure that the hospice continues to provide an excellent service to all of Warrington’s communities.

Roger leaves a legacy of calmness, a sense of direction and strong relationships that stand the Hospice in good stead for the future. We owe Roger our sincere thanks and a debt of gratitude for all that he has done for St Rocco’s."

On behalf of St Rocco’s hospice, its patients, staff, volunteers and its community CEO, Pam Massey, says, "I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Roger for his dedication and service during the past two years, and wish him every success in his future role at St Katherine’s."

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