St. Rocco’s to launch Forget-Me-Not Garden


Forget-Me-Not garden in Town Hall gardens during September

With Covid and the subsequent lockdown many people who have had loved ones pass away in the year have not had a chance to properly celebrate their lives and time to reflect on their death. Now, St. Rocco’s Hospice is launching the Forget-Me-Not Appeal to help those who lost loved ones remember them and celebrate their lives.

Forget-me-nots represent ‘true love’ and symbolise that your loved ones will be ever present in your thoughts. St. Rocco’s will be celebrating the lives of our loved ones in their garden of forget-me-nots, at the very heart of our town, in the gardens of Warrington Town Hall.


Bringing Warrington together

Sonya Currey, CEO of St. Rocco’s explained, “We are working in partnership with Warrington Council who have very kindly allowed us to make use of the flower beds in front of the town hall. We will be offering metal Forget-Me-Not flowers which will be displayed during September in the Gardens of the Town Hall.

“Following the display, St Rocco’s Hospice will take and clean the flowers and return them to you as a permanent keepsake in remembrance of your loved one.

“We hope this appeal will allow our town the opportunity to remember together and create a fitting tribute to those whom we hold close in our hearts and memories.”

St. Rocco’s are asking for a minimum donation of £20 for a Forget-Me-Not.

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