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We want to hear your stories about St. Rocco's

St. Rocco’s Hospice has been a part of the Warrington community for over 35 years. During that time both have changed significantly, but what is without doubt is that the Hospice and the people of Warrington’s story is heavily intertwined.

Now, the Hospice wants to collect the stories of those Warrington residents whose lives have been impacted by St. Rocco’s, as their Marketing & Communications manager, Russ Fry, explained.

“During the time it has been in existence the Hospice has had a direct effect on many people’s lives. From caring for patients and their families, through volunteers, donors, fundraisers, staff and ex-staff, people who worked to set it up in the 80s, ex-trustees and even the people involved in the new building in the late 90s, all have a story to tell; and we want to hear them.

“We want to document them and set up a special section on our Web site to store them, as we believe a lot of these will be inspirational and comforting to those whose loved ones passed in the Hospice.”

“Raises your spirits working here”

“My father passed in the Hospice in 1988. The nursing staff were amazing, compassionate and professional, but what sticks in my mind was the building. Being a converted Victorian vicarage, it was a little sombre, all the patients were on the ground floor in one large room and so, from then on that was my expectation of what a Hospice was like. When I came to work at St. Rocco’s earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised at how different the new building is.

“Being light and airy it raises your sprits working here and it certainly seems to impact the atmosphere. Each patient now has their own en-suite bedroom with garden views. It is positive and caring from everyone involved in the operation. From the nursing staff on the front line, through all the ancillary staff that keep the Hospice working smoothly, to the fundraising team, all are committed to providing the best possible care. This in turn effects the mood of patients and their families in the best possible way.

“So, that’s my story, now let’s hear yours. In the first instance either call me on 01925 575780 or email me on

“Let’s start to get this important part of Warrington’s heritage recorded!”


Update 16 Sept 2021 - Click here to view the new part of the Web site holding these stories, as it is now live

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