Saying goodbye to old friends


This month sees an unusual event at St. Rocco’s in that we are saying goodbye to three long-serving care staff, who are all going off to enjoy their well-earned retirement.

Never one to let such an important event go unnoticed, we managed to track down all of them and spend some time finding out about their time here and what their future plans are. So, in the order we managed to find time in their busy workday. Here we go…

Lynne Wright – Team leader Hospice at Home

Lynne has been at St. Rocco’s for 19 years and has been a nurse for an incredible 42. She started out on our inpatient unit (IPU) as a staff nurse working nights. It was during this time she realised how much she loved working in palliative care. In 2016, when our Hospice at Home service was launched, Lynne transferred over and was made Team leader in 2018. She has played a key role in helping to develop this service, which allows those with a palliative illness to receive care in their own homes, rather than in the Hospice or a hospital.

She is now looking forward to spending some time relaxing and making plans which will include travel and investigating new hobbies!

When we asked her what she would miss most about being at St. Rocco’s she said without hesitation “Teamwork. It has been a real privilege to work alongside such a dedicated committed and supportive team and to be involved in supporting our patients and families.”

Marie Marsden - IPU Sister

Marie has been at St. Rocco’s for 15 years. She started here as a second-year student after being attracted to palliative care during a placement. After qualifying and becoming a staff nurse, she eventually became one of our Sisters. This means she works as a role model and mentor, developing clinical competencies and monitoring performance within our team.

Now, with her retirement imminent, she is looking forward to spending more time with her big family and especially her seven grandchildren. She also has some holidays planned and will be spending more time on gardening and DIY. She is also looking to take up furniture restoring as a future hobby now that she has the time.

Marie said, “I have loved my time working here and seeing how the Hospice and the care we provide has progressed. They are a great team and fabulous people, who support and look after each other. Because of this, I won’t be cutting my ties completely, as I am planning on returning for a few days every month to help out.”

Irene Lewis – IPU HCA

Irene has been with us for 5 years and successfully combined the role of IPU Healthcare Assistant with volunteer receptionist. She was dedicated to palliative care and will be much missed by her colleagues. Being part of our closely-knit night team, we know she will miss her colleagues as well.

She is now looking forward to spending more time with her family.

Lynne & Marie by the IPU tree

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