A personal story by Azaira


Azaira explains how St. Rocco's helped her dad in the final stages of his pancreatic cancer.

"My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few days before Christmas 2019, aged 51. I can't begin to explain how much St Rocco's has helped us all since then. He had been treated in hospital, but was very ill there after chemotherapy and he was miserable and in so much pain.

When he was transferred to St Rocco's, he was like a different person. He was up, talking, eating and even making jokes with us. The staff made us all feel so welcome and comfortable. One of my sister's fondest memories is Dad making her a Horlicks in the Hospice kitchen (like when she was younger) and watching TV in the evenings together. It almost felt 'normal'.

Then coronavirus hit, and things changed again. St Rocco's were amazing and quickly made a plan to ensure patients got to see their loved ones through windows. On my dad's final day, we got a call in the early hours and were allowed into his room to see him. Being allowed to say goodbye was a blessing, as I was worried I wouldn't be able to say goodbye properly.

My favourite memory of my dad now is in the Hospice, smiling and making a joke with an orange ice lolly, which he always mithered the nurses for. I am so glad he got to spend his final weeks there."

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