Remembrance Service Advice – July 2021


A message from Joe, our Counselling Team Leader, on the upcoming virtual remembrance service we will be holding in July

Hello Everyone,

It is with a great deal of relief that I can now confirm to the families of the people we have supported and connected to over the past 18 months, who have sadly had a loved one die, that we plan to arrange a virtual Remembrance Service similar to the Light up a Light service we hold.

In the past we aimed to have such a service every 3 months but as we know that was not possible because of the restrictions and closures due to the pandemic.  That all said we plan to arrange a virtual service for the end of July or the beginning of August.  The service will initially be by invite to those families who’s loved one had died since our last formal Remembrance Service.

The invite will be sent personally by my team or myself and will request permission to make contact via email so we can forward details, directions and connection information for the service.  It will also respectfully request permission to show the loved one’s name on a virtual role of remembrance, which will be displayed during the service.  At this point I must advise everyone that it will be a virtual inter-faith service and will be pre-recorded, so no physical attendance will be possible.  This is because of safety, numbers of people to be invited and limited space at the hospice.  Once the invited families and friends have viewed the service it will then be made available via the St Rocco’s website for public view.

May I respectfully request the return of the permission requests to allow the team organising the service to proceed in a timely manner and to make contact directly by email.  Apologies to those people who do not have access to the internet or a computer, but I am sure family or friends would kindly help. 

Finally thank you for your patience whilst we arrange this tribute to the loved one’s and we were able, would have arranged a physical gathering, but that is not possible.  Please stay safe and take care.

Kind Regards

Joe McDonough BEM

Team Leader

Counselling and Emotional Care Team

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