Cycling Hadrian’s wall to help St. Rocco’s


A team of 4 intrepid cyclists raises nearly £3500 cycling Hadrian's wall

It never ceases to amaze us the different ways people find to raise money for St. Rocco’s. The amount of time and work that must go to in to organising an event as well as the sheer physical effort to then carry it out is awesome.

One such event we were recently made aware of was a cycle ride of nearly 100 miles along the length of Hadrian’s wall by a team led by Peter Collins and including Tim Leather, Chris Charnley and Jamie Harrison.

We spoke to Peter to find out more about his motivation and the actual ride.

100 miles in 2 days

“The Hospice meant a lot to my mum and dad as my brother had treatment and help from the Vitality centre,” explained Peter. “So, when my mum and dad both died within 18 months of my brother, I wanted to do something to help St. Rocco’s as well as honour the memory of my family. Chris’s mother-in-law also spent time in the Hospice, so he felt the same way.

“I spoke to my friends and workmates at Osborne’s, the property company, and I got together a team of four of us to fundraise. When the MD of Osborne’s heard about what we were doing, he made sure we got great publicity within the company to aid our fundraising.

“After looking round at various ways to raise money, we decided on a cycle ride along the length of Hadrian’s wall following the route of the old Roman supply road. We set off on July 22nd and completed the ride in 2 days. Fortunately, the weather held up for us and we were able to enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery up there.”

Planning for next year

So far, the team has raised £3,000 and Osborne’s own charitable foundation has contributed £400 as well!

Plans are already in place for next year’s activity which is to cycle the 150-mile coast to castles route up in the North East of England, with St. Rocco’s being the beneficiary of this.

A big thank you to Peter, his colleagues and Osborne's Charity Foundation, without your help we could not carry on providing the care we do, free-of-charge, to the people of Warrington.

If you have a fundraising story you would like to share, we want to hear about it. In the first instance please contact Russ Fry on Thanks


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