Relaxing and coping with everyday stress


We get some tips on relaxation from Caz Clair our lead complementary therapist

With all the worries and stress of the past 18 months, it is easy let things to get on top of you and ultimately impact your physical wellbeing.

Fortunately, at St. Rocco’s we have several specialists who know how to deal with this and so we spoke to Caz Clair, our Lead Complementary therapist, to find out the best way to cope with these stresses.

Here are some tips she gave us to help with relaxation.

  • When feeling anxious or worried use acupressure. To do this, press your thumb into the centre of your opposite palm. As you press inhale, as you release the pressure exhale. Apply once or twice and feel the stress leave the body.
  • Sitting at your desk, rotate your shoulders. Begin by moving them forwards, upwards towards your ears, backwards and down. Repeat throughout the day to ease tension.
  • Lie on the floor near a wall. Place your bottom as close to the wall as possible. Raise your legs and rest them against the wall. This yoga pose is very relaxing. Great pose to do before bedtime.
  • My favourite, soak in the bath, add some essential oils, light a candle, dim the lights and sip on some Chamomile tea. I promise you will relax!
  • Listen to a guided Yoga Nidra. You will find them on You Tube or Spotify. This guided meditation relaxes the mind and the body.
  • Music that relaxes you or maybe a good book can help transport your mind to help you to relax and sink into your chair.
  • Book a massage and allow your body to release, relax and rest.

Thanks Caz. We hope her tips can help you relax and deal with the everyday stress we all have to face now.

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