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Find out more about our specialist furniture shop a great place to grab a bargain for a fraction of the price of a new item

St. Rocco’s have operated a specialist second-hand furniture shop for many years. Our current shop on Mersey street, is in fact the third location for it, having previously been in a terraced house in Latchford and after that Bridgefoot.

The Mersey street location opened in Sept 2019 and is a custom-built furniture retail outlet of 8000 sq. ft, that we were lucky to acquire when the previous tenant ceased business. We spoke to manager Heather Baker to find out more about what goes on there.

Saving the environment

Heather said, “this is the biggest and busiest of the ten St. Rocco’s shops.” We employ 5 full-time staff and a number of volunteers, so most days we have about 10 people working in here – and we need them!

All the furniture we sell is of great quality and it is available at prices that offer significant savings on the equivalent brand-new articles.

“Nowadays, with the environment being such a major consideration, recycling good quality second-hand furniture, like we do, helps to maintain precious resources such as timber. So, it is nice to know that not only are we benefitting a great cause like the Hospice, but we are also helping the environment as well.”

Going international

During the recent Covid lockdowns, we carried on selling furniture online via our eBay shop. This helped us to reach a wider audience as Heather explained, “We sold a sideboard to the South of France and a rocking chair to Moldova during this time. So, you could say that we are now truly international! We were still glad when the shop was able to reopen though and it seems so were our customers.

“There was a queue outside on the first day and by 10am we had taken our whole day’s budget. So, it was nice to know we were missed.”

Grab a bargain today

If you have not visited the shop yet, why wait? We are getting great items in nearly every day. So, check out our opening times and call in today.

We are always looking for good quality furniture donations, especially sofas, and we will pick them up from your house, so there’s no need for you to worry about getting it to us.

To book your pickup visit and we will do the rest.

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