Council goes above and beyond to support local Hospice


Warrington Borough Council has supported St Rocco’s Hospice largely over the last 10 years with its annual Christmas tree collection, helping to raise over £250,000 for patient care.

Looking for an opportunity to do something new and support the Hospice ongoing work, WBC will be going the extra mile by having a team of staff take on the Hospice-to-Hospice Hike. This involves walking a marathon distance of 26.2 miles from East Cheshire Hospice back to St Rocco’s Hospice. However, the support doesn’t stop there…

Transport provided

Warrington Borough Council will also be providing the transport for the marathon walkers, eliminating the cost to St Rocco’s. 

Event Organiser, Charlotte Howard met with Ian Brackenbury, Operations and Commercial Services Manager who told us “We are so proud to support St Rocco’s. There is a strong connection and affinity with St Rocco’s across the whole organisation and we will do what we can to support and give back to the community.” We would like to show our gratitude to Warrington Borough Council for everything they have done and continue to do to keep our doors open.


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