Linda's story


The dedication of our supporters never ceases to amaze us. The amount of time and effort they put into raising vital funds for the Hospice is incredible and without their help we could not provide the essential care we do.

One such person is Linda Wright, who we were lucky enough to spend some time with recently, when she came on a visit to the Hospice.

Linda is now retired but before retirement, she worked at Carlsberg brewery, who sponsored St Rocco’s. In 2014, with a work colleague, Linda ran a car boot sale at Winwick, and the money raised was given to Carlsberg’s Fundraising Department to send to St Rocco’s. Linda takes up the story.

“There were quite a lot of items left from the car boot sale, so I decided to have a garage sale at my home. I sent about 200 flyers around my area so people could come at the weekend, but unfortunately it rained all weekend so only had about six customers!

“There were still a lot of items left over so I decided to join a couple of selling sites on Facebook. One for baby and children’s clothes and toys/items and the other for adult clothes and household items, books etc called ‘Bargains in Warrington’.  After a few weeks I got banned from the baby and children site due to putting too many items up for sale! So, I then went to another baby and child site ‘Baby and kid’s items for sale in Warrington’ and I have been with that site ever since.

Linda meeting CEO Sonya Currey

Nothing wasted

“Clothes that don't sell within a certain time I take to the weigh-in, where I can raise extra money for them. Pictures and canvases that don't sell I take to St. Rocco’s Furniture and Furnishings shop in Mersey Street, and they will sell them. So, nothing is wasted.

“People from around Warrington give me the items to sell as they all know it is for a really good cause. I get around 4-5 bags a week of donations and I look through these to ensure they are all sellable. Some clothes I wash, then I sort out in age groups or adults. I then list between 10 and 50 items a day on Facebook for sale.

“When people ask for items, I deliver a lot around Warrington to those who don't have cars, at no extra cost. Some people pay me cash, others bank transfer, and then I donate direct to St. Rocco’s Hospice online.  I have not been able to use my lounge for the last 8 years due to having items in there for sale!”

During this time Linda has raised an incredible £17,000, with 2021’s figure of £4350 being her best yet.

Thank you, Linda, for your amazing work!

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