"We want everyone in our community diagnosed with a life-limiting disease, to live well and towards the end of their life have a dignified death in a place of their choice.
We care for the whole person and those who matter to them."

Mission Statement

  1. Recognising that every person is unique and tailoring our care to meet their social, psychological and spiritual needs, as well as managing physical symptoms and providing bereavement care
  2. Working in partnership with our community, the NHS, other healthcare providers, charities and businesses.
  3. Advocating for appropriate access to local palliative care services.
  4. Helping to educate and empower our community around attitudes to death and dying and provide in partnership a local centre for palliative care education, audit and research.
  5. Being a sustainable, well-run Hospice, charity and community resource that meets local needs.

Underpinning Values and Behaviours for Staff

Values underpin the important things that run through our work at St Rocco's Hospice.
Behaviours are evidence of our values

S = SAYING thank you to staff and volunteers and our community
T = THINK differently, be open to change – we are all ambassadors
R = RESILIENCE – physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially
O = OUTREACH – trying new ways of working and understanding our community
C = COMPASSION – care in all we do
C = CONNECTION – with our patients, carers, volunteers, staff and our community
O = OUTSTANDING – to be the best you can be
S = STANDARDS – of high quality of care in all that we do

Our Vision

We want everyone in our community diagnosed with a life shortening or terminal illness to experience good quality of life.

We believe this can be achieved through access to supportive and end of life care for them and their families in a place of their choice

Our Mission

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Working in partnership with our community, the NHS, other healthcare providers, charities and businesses

  • Improving access to services for everyone in our community who needs us

  • Recognising that every person is unique and tailoring our care to meet their social, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as manage their physical symptoms

  • Helping to educate and empower our community around attitudes to death and dying

  • Being a sustainable, well-run local hospice, charity, business and community resource that meets local needs

Our Values

St Rocco’s Hospice is a place with care and respect at its heart, driven by values that run deep within our organisation.

Our mission statement:

To provide quality care and promote social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing for patients with life limiting illness,and in doing so place patients, carers and families at the heart of everything that we do.

As an organisation, we’re motivated to make a difference – to give care and support, to both patients and their families, when they need it most.

Our values:

  • We treat patients with the highest standards of professional care, and treat people with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • We demonstrate that we give people choice and information to support decision-making.
  • We respect the rights of patients and their relatives to follow their religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • We recognise the invaluable support and commitment of all our staff and volunteers.
  • We believe that effective communication is integral to all aspects of the care of patients, and the running of the hospice.
  • We will strive to become an employer of choice, by giving our staff the opportunity and support to develop and become the best they can be.
  • We are committed to promoting individual and/or group support for all our staff and volunteers.
  • We value our precious resources and gaining maximum benefits for the care of our patients.
  • We will develop systems that will demonstrate our high-quality care by being open, honest and transparent wherever possible.

A holistic approach

It’s widely recognised that attending to someone’s well-being isn’t just about providing medical care, although of course that’s an important aspect of it. We take a holistic approach to supporting patients – providing a range of services that addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual welfare. We treat each person as the individual they are, providing the care that’s just right for them.

More than the patient

When someone’s ill, it doesn’t just affect them – it also affects those around them. This is especially the case with a terminal or life-limiting illness, when family, friends and carers are confronted with a situation for which there is no adequate preparation. So, our services extend beyond the patient to help those around her or him, with everything from practical help to emotional support.

Respect always

To us, a patient isn’t a number, it’s a whole person, with a range of needs and emotions. We always respect that person as a person and try to provide care that’s entirely suitable for her or him. We explain as much as we can, always answer questions honestly and strive to reduce people’s concerns, worries and fears.

Enabling people to be as good as they can be

A lot of our focus is on a type of care we deliver. You might hear this referred to as specialist palliative care. Part of this care is the management of pain and symptoms – which can significantly improve the quality of patients’ lives. We can’t always help people to have more time, but we can help people to enjoy life, so that they get much, much more from the time they have.

Giving people choice

One of the most challenging things about living with a terminal illness is the feeling that control has been taken away from you. We try to help patients regain some control; to give them choice over as many aspects of their care as possible.

Delivering the best possible care

Our teams are highly trained – often with skills which aren’t readily available elsewhere. Their training is ongoing and everyone works to the highest standards possible.


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