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Thank you for looking after dad. It helped make his final days comfortable and peaceful – for him and for all around him. We are forever grateful.

- Family of a hospice patient

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Build a fundraising page
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Building your own fundraising page

If you’re involved in raising funds for St Rocco’s Hospice, you’ll want to create your own online funding page. Here’s how.

Build a fundraising page

Having your own fundraising page allows you to collect money, generate interest and support – all quickly and easily. There’s usually no charge (each website simply deducts a small percentage of what you raise, as a service charge) and it also makes it easy to increase your funds by letting UK residents register for Gift Aid.

Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero is a great fundraising website – not only can you create your own page, but you can make it a closer part of our fundraising activities – so, if it’s part of a bigger event (such as our Starlight Walk) people can see not just what you’re doing, but the big picture too. It’s easy to set up a page with your own text, images and progress bar. Create an Everyday Hero page.


JustGiving is one of the most well-known fundraising websites. It takes just a few minutes to create a page and also includes tools to help you share it online. Better still, the site will take care of transferring your donations to us – and reclaim Gift Aid on your donations. Create a page on JustGiving.

Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving (which is, naturally, a part of Virgin Money) is another great way to collect money when you’re fundraising for St Rocco’s Hospice. Again, it’s easy to set up your own fundraising page, with the website guiding you through the best ways to do it for your particular needs. Create a page on Virgin Money Giving.

Online Platform Fees

Third parties such as those above, do charge us a fee for their services. You can find details of these here.