Jack's Volunteering Story


Jack's Volunteering Story


St. Rocco’s has 7 retail shops across Warrington, these shops rely on the dedication of volunteers who gift their time to keep the shops running. Our Mersey Street Furniture and Interiors Shop is particularly popular amongst the community of Warrington. Jack began volunteering there in 2021 and is now employed by the Hospice as Sales Advisor.

Before volunteering, Jack struggled with confidence, feeling it held him back from many opportunities. After struggling to find a job, he was advised through the Job Centre to contact St. Rocco’s for any volunteering opportunities to help build up his CV, confidence and develop new skills.

Initially unaware of the Hospice and its impact on the Warrington Community, Jack quickly learnt of its amazing reputation within the town and how it supports individuals on a day-to-day basis through its services and efforts to raise vital funds.

“Knowing I directly help the Hospice gives me a sense of pride, my job role is making a difference to the lives of many people. Now when someone asks me where the money from their purchases is going, I am proud and confident in explaining and highlighting the important work of St. Rocco’s.”

Around 15 months ago, the shop suggested to Jack that he should apply for the paid role of Sales Advisor. Jack’s day to day job role involves moving sold furniture ready for the homes of its new owners, talking to customers as they enter the shop, advising customers on what to buy and talking to them over the phone answering any stock queries or questions.

 Thank you to Jack for supporting St. Rocco’s Hospice!


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