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Get Bright and Bubbly for St. Rocco’s

9 July 2018

On August Bank Holiday Monday the Roberts family will be among 800 participants lined up at Walton Hall and Gardens to take on this year’s St. Rocco’s Colour Bubble Fun Run.

The event has become a tradition for them, having taken part in every Colour Run since it started in 2015.

Roberts CBFR 1

“It’s a fantastic event, “ explained Adam, 33, who comes from Birchwood but now lives in Widnes, “We saw it advertised and thought it would be something for us to do as a family and have a really fun time with the kids. It’s so good that we’ve done it every year since!”

Adam’s wife, Joanna, aged 34, adds:

“It’s also a great cause. We’ve never had any family involved with St. Rocco’s, fortunately , but that doesn’t matter. It’s still a great cause to support, and we can do that altogether as a family.”

Son Noah, aged 6, thinks that everything about the Colour Run is his favourite bit, but he especially likes being able to cover the rest of his family in the powdered paint before the start. Daughter Olivia, aged 9, particularly likes the bit where she gets covered in pink paint and they both love adding to their medal collection every year.

Roberts CBFR 2

But what does the family think of the addition of a bubble station for this year’s event?

Adam said:

“We’re really looking forward to the bubbles! It’s always a great day out but the bubbles will add something extra to get people thinking and getting excited about it.”

They all agree that it is a brilliant atmosphere and love the dancing and the warm up at the start, which help to get everyone in the mood. They also think that the new start time of 11.30am is a good thing.

“It will mean that we can make a real day of it and also gives us time later on to get cleaned up. Last year we had a convertible car and as we were driving away from Walton Hall there was a plume of powdered paint behind us as the paint blew off our hair in the breeze!”

Adam, a photographer, has taken some wonderful pictures of his family at the event over the years.

“You know that you are going to have a good time before you have even gone – wind, sun, rain, whatever, you know it’s going to be a brilliant day. For us it’s about making fantastic memories with the children and we can’t wait for this year’s event.”

Find out more and sign up for this year's Colour Bubble Fun Run.

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