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It was the best care possible; thanks for taking care of me when I found it difficult to cope; you are wonderful people.

- Family member of a hospice patient

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Supporting you to stay at home with Hospice At Home

We have been caring for people in Warrington for over 30 years and are now able to take our care and support out into the community, to those who need us in their own homes.


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This service is for patients in the last weeks of life

We can provide you and your family with support and care during a time of crisis to reduce the chance of an unnecessary admission to hospital.

We can offer interim support on discharge from the hospital or hospice enabling you to return home if appropriate.

We can support you and your family if you wish to stay at home in your last weeks of life.


How am I referred?

Referrals are accepted from your GP, District Nurse, Macmillan nurse, hospital discharge team or from Hospice staff already involved in your care.

Self-referral is not accepted as we will need medical / nursing information to inform assessment.


Who will provide my care?

Our Hospice at Home experienced health care assistants will provide this service in conjunction with other care providers.

Your GP and District Nurses will continue to manage and plan your care.


When is it available?

Night sits are available between the hours of 10pm and 7am and will be agreed following referral.

Alternatively short day time visits may be offered if this is more appropriate to your needs.


How much will it cost?

St Rocco’s Hospice is a registered charity and the Hospice at Home service is provided free of charge at the point of delivery.

We have a number of fundraising activities and events which can be found by visiting the fundraising section of this website.


What will the healthcare assistant need in your home?

The healthcare assistant may be in your home for a number of hours and in this instance they will need:

¨ A comfortable chair

¨ A lamp to read or write

¨ A house phone for emergency calls

¨ An electric socket

¨ Toilet and handwash facilities

¨ Tea and coffee facilities


Smoking policy

We have a duty to protect the health and wellbeing of our employees and we therefore ask that you do everything possible to provide a smoke free environment when our staff are visiting your home.

Our staff will not smoke either inside or outside your home.



We also ask that pets are held securely in a separate room during the visit.


Discharge from the service

This is a short term service and should your condition stabilise you may be discharged from the service. However, you can be re-referred if you should need us again.


If you have any questions or queries about the service, please get in touch and we will be happy to help. You can contact the Hospice at Home team on 01925 579217 or email hospiceathome@stroccos.org.uk


The words that make up the illustration come from patients and supporters, when we asked them what one word they associate with St. Rocco's.