Supporting patients to stay at home - information for professionals

St Rocco’s Hospice at Home Service aims to support people to remain and die at home if that is their choice. This service is provided by a team of experienced healthcare assistants who give practical nursing care and psychological support to patients and their families.

Patient referral criteria

Patients must have palliative care needs and one of the following must apply:

  • Assessed to be in their last weeks of life.
  • Require support to facilitate a discharge from hospice or hospital whilst awaiting a care package to commence.
  • Requiring support to facilitate a rapid discharge from hospital or hospice to die at home.
  • To avoid a crisis admission to hospital.
  • Support the patient whilst awaiting a bed in the hospice. (NB all referrals must be under the care of the District nursing team .  Care management remains the responsibility of the GP and  District Nursing team)
  • Patients must be over the age of 18 and have consented to referral to the service.
  • Patients preferred place of care is home


How to access the service

A Hospice at Home referral form must be completed and emailed via The form is available to download here

If you cannot access this form and require one to be emailed, please contact the Hospice At Home office at

Please ensure all details are provided on the referral form as incomplete forms will delay response.  Telephone contact may be made if further information is required.

Referrals must be received no later than 4pm for same day response.



The service offers night sits from 10pm to 7am for patients who meet referral criteria, subject to availability.


General information

A response to the referral is normally given within 24 hours.

Any changes in a patient’s need or situation should be relayed via the Hospice At Home phone number.

Hospice At Home staff will record in the District Nurses notes in the patient’s home at each visit.  A record will also be kept by the Hospice within the electronic patient information management system.


Other services available within St. Rocco's Hospice:

  • Out Patient clinics
  • Complementary Therapies
  • Day therapies
  • In Patient Unit
  • Family Support services


If you wish to access any of the above services please contact the Hospice at Home office on 01925 579217.