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Tree of Life (Annual)

Create a lasting memory of someone special by dedicating a leaf on our Tree of Life, which is a unique and fitting way to remember someone you love.  It is made up of bronze, silver and gold acrylic leaves that can be engraved with a name or short personal message.

Each leaf represents a very special person or memory, each with its own personal meaning.  The tree connects these leaves together to create a striking display of tributes and memories.

Once your leaf has been added to the Tree, you, your friends or family will be able to visit.

The St. Rocco’s Hospice Tree of Life has three colours of acrylic leaf:

  • Bronze - min £10 monthly or £120 annual direct debit
  • Silver - min £15 monthly or £180 annual direct debit
  • Gold - min £20 monthly or £240 annual direct debit

(Minimum signup is for 12 months).

Your leaf will remain on the Tree of Life at St. Rocco's for one year, after which you may decide to renew your leaf to allow it to remain on the tree for a further 12 months, or you can ask for the leaf to be returned in a presentation box for you to keep.

Purchase a Leaf

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Tree of Life

Dedicate a leaf to celebrate and remember the life of someone special.