Free Furniture collection

Please fill in your contact details and details of the furniture you are donating to St. Rocco's.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with our furniture shop on 01925 650800.

Become a shop volunteer.

We are looking for volunteers in our shops.

View our volunteering opportunities to find something that is right for you.

Making every day count

<h2><strong>Volunteering Opportunities</strong></h2>

Volunteering Opportunities

We wouldn't be able to care for our patients and families without our amazing volunteers helping us in all sorts of ways. 


<h2><strong>Our Shops</strong></h2>

Our Shops

Our shops stock a range of goods including electricals, furniture, clothing, jewellery, toys and wedding wear and our award winning eBay store.

Our Shops

<h2><strong>Events &amp; Campaigns</strong></h2>

Events & Campaigns

There's something for everyone in this years calendar of Fundraising, Community and Challenge events. 


<h2><strong>Play the Lottery</strong></h2>

Play the Lottery

Find out how you can sign up for just £1 per week, purchase single tickets and read our winners stories.