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Playing today supports our tomorrow!

Your small change could make a big difference to the lives of local people.

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The Rollover Prize this week is £500!

To be in with a chance, pop to one of our shops and grab yourself a single ticket. If you would like to join our lottery, please scroll down to find out how!

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Select the draw date you want to check using the dropdown above, then type your lottery number below to see if you're a winner! (If your number is less then 6 digits, please add zeros to the beginning to make it up to 6 digits)

A simple way to support St Rocco's every week, for just £1!

Even if your numbers don't come up, you know that by simply entering the draw you have done something incredible for someone who really needs it.

Join today, and you will soon be helping to provide care and support to families living with a terminal illness.

Read about some of our winners here!

You can play our lottery in two different ways: 

Become a St Rocco's Lottery Member!

  • As a member your lottery number will be in the draw every week. 

  • You will send us a regular payment every month, quarter or year, and you will be entered into the draw automatically.

  • If you are a winner, a cheque will be sent directly to you!

  • Click below if you would like to join today!

  • You can also top up your payment with Keep the change!

Or if you don't want to join, buy a single ticket!

  • Visit one of our shops where you can purchase a single lottery ticket at the till for that week’s draw, no subscription needed. They will also be available at our events.

  • If you bought your single ticket from one of our shops, you can check if you have won by getting it scanned at the till. If you have bought your single ticket elsewhere, please check the results page on our website. 

  • If you are one of our lucky winners, to claim your prize  contact the Lottery Team on 01925 575780 or email 

Maximum Rollover


First Prize


Second Prize (Rollover)


Third prize


Fourth Prize


Fifth Prize


and 145 Prizes


How our lottery works: 

  • Each weekly entry costs just £1. Once you sign up, you will be given a unique five-digit number. This remains yours for as long as you keep playing.

  • Every Friday a total of £2375, is won by 150 lucky St. Rocco’s Lottery players, including our top prize of £1,000.

  • This also includes our £500 rollover prize. If the £500 prize isn't won, it rolls over every week until its gets to a whopping £5,000 when it HAS to be won!

  • Every Friday the lucky winners are selected at random and all the winning numbers are published on this page! If you are a regular player, a prize cheque will be sent directly to you!

Keeping the lottery safe and legal  / Self exclusion Information

Choose your way to play:

Direct debit

Direct Debit

Never want to miss a draw?

You can join today by Direct Debit! 

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Debit Card or Cheque

Contact us to renew with your debit card or a cheque (existing members only)

Email the lottery office -  or call 01925 575780 and ask for lottery 


Gift Vouchers

Stuck for a gift idea?

Purchase a lottery Gift Voucher!

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Single Tickets 

Purchase Single Tickets for your friends, family and colleagues!  They can even be wedding favours.

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Thank you for your support!

Your £1 Lottery play each week makes a difference. 

Last year St Rocco’s Promotions Ltd raised more than £490,000 for St Rocco’s Hospice.

After prizes, administration, and banking costs, approximately 50% was given direct to the Hospice to help fund patient care.

The St Rocco’s Hospice Lottery has been running for 28 years, raising millions for the hospice!

It is because of lottery supporters like you, our service can continue long into the future.

Thank you.

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Play the Lottery

By playing St Rocco’s Lottery you will be helping to care for local people with life limiting illnesses.

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