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About St Roccos Hospice

Think you know what a hospice is?

The word ‘hospice’ can make people feel anxious. Often people assume that it is a place where very ill people go at the end of their lives.

But we are here to help as soon as someone is told that they have an illness that is no longer curable.

We focus on the positives. Supporting patients physically, psychologically and emotionally to enable them to carry on living the lives they want to live for as long as possible. We aim to help them improve the quality of life for them and for their loved ones.

Hospices tend to be full of

Hospices tend to be full of life!

Far from being places full of death, hospices tend to be full of life!

That surprises people, and there are many misunderstandings around hospice care.

Did you know:

  • Some people think hospices are just for cancer patients but we are here for those with any life-limiting or terminal illness. This can include people with serious cardiac or respiratory issues and illnesses such as motor neurone disease. Older patients may have mobility problems, general frailty or dementia.
  • More than half of the people admitted to our inpatient unit go home again after spending time here, and many may not be admitted at all, but instead may be cared for through our Vitality Centre or Hospice at Home team.
  • Hospice Care is open to anyone and everyone. We try to ensure that ‘hard to reach’ patients get the palliative and end of life care they deserve; Our hospice is open to all and is our care is provided free to those who need it.
  • We are not part of the NHS. Although we do receive some funding (currently less than a fifth of our running costs) and we often work in partnership with local GPs, hospitals and social care providers, we are a local charity here to serve the people of Warrington.
  • The rest of our funding has to come through donations, fundraising events, our weekly lottery, our shops and legacies left by our supporters in their wills. Without this we wouldn’t be here to care for those who need us and their families.

Making every day count

Integrated Palliative Care Hub

Integrated Palliative Care Hub

We want to make it as easy as possible for palliative patients to access the right support, quickly and efficiently, with just one call.

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Visiting Times

Visiting Times

The IPU is open every day for visitors.

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Our shops

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Events & Campaigns

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