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Top tips for fundraising

How to reach your fundraising goals

Knowing where to start can be the toughest part of fundraising. But don't worry, here you'll find ideas to help you reach your fundraising targets. And there are still loads of fun ways you can raise money for us without leaving your home.

It can be useful to split your fundraising into milestones, to help you build up to the bigger amounts.

Getting to £25

  • Create your JustGiving page and donate a small amount yourself
  • WhatsApp or text 5 to 10 family and friends asking for small donations to help get you started
  • Post your story and JustGiving page on social media, mention that you're trying to reach £25 by a specific day to get people's attention
  • By messaging people you know directly and setting a time limit on a general post on social media you can hopefully reach your first milestone quickly
  • Adding a photo to your JustGiving page will raise more money

Getting to £50

Reaching your next milestone requires a bit more work.

  • Share your JustGiving page across all networks. Social, work, sports, community
  • Get family and friends to share it with their networks too, small donations from people you may not know will soon add up
  • Offer incentives to your supporters. For example, if you reach £100, you'll wear fancy dress, face paint or host a virtual party to celebrate
  • Let everyone know what you're doing and why. Explain what it means to you, why you're supporting us and how we help

Getting to £100+

  • Hold a virtual event for friends and family, it can be anything you enjoy. A pub quiz, movie night or baking competition
  • Talk to your employer and see if they offer matched funding. If they do, your company will match your fundraising, or up to a certain amount
  • Repeat your sponsorship requests on pay day. It's simple but effective and you can update people on your progress and fundraising
  • Start simple and work your way up. See what works with your family, friends, colleagues and social groups and keep going.

Every penny you raise matters and helps us to continue providing palliative care for the people of Warrington free of charge.

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