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At St Rocco’s we are committed to delivering care and services of the highest standard. We also try to ensure that the services we offer are relevant to the needs of patients, carers and their families.

In order to do this it is important for us to hear your feedback. Any feedback you give us will be completely anonymous unless you wish us to contact you.

<h2><strong>Integrated Palliative Care Hub</strong></h2>

Integrated Palliative Care Hub

We work with local care providers, GPs, district nurses, Macmillan nurses, specialist nurses and other health and social care professionals to coordinate and provide the best possible care.

Integrated Palliative Care Hub

<h2><strong>Visiting Times</strong></h2>

Visiting Times

The IPU is open every day for visitors.

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<h2><strong>Our Shops</strong></h2>

Our Shops

Our shops stock a range of goods including electricals, furniture, clothing, jewellery, toys and wedding wear and our award winning eBay store.

Our Shops

<h2><strong>Events &amp; Campaigns</strong></h2>

Events & Campaigns

There's something for everyone in this years calendar of Fundraising, Community and Challenge events.