Sue Hughes' story


Sue Hughes tells the story of her best mate Delia

"In 2006 My best Mate Delia Beddall (Everyone called her Dee) was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She lived with me (her choice) but she only lived next door but one anyway. 

"I looked after her untill it was time for her to get proffesional help due to the cancer going to her brain, when she was moved into St Roccos Hospice. I went to the hospice to be with her every day as her family worked so they did the night visits.

"She was in the Poppy Room. She had a phone, her own bathroom, tv etc. She would never use the phone as she feared it would take money out of the hospice fund. Dee always shopped in St Roccos charity shops to help fund the hospice. While she was in there the care she recieved was immense. We used to go to the therapy sessions on a Friday, having foot massages, Indian head massages etc and there was always a buffet on after with an excellent selection of food.

"Her Daughter in law Lisa and Grandson Dean (who Dee doted on) visited regular. Lisa left a camera in Dee's room for visitors to take photos with Dee during her last few months. Her sons Kieron and Graham also visited regularly. There were endless supplies of refreshments for all of us all served by volunteers."

Lovely garden

"The hospice has a lovely garden with a fish pond and stunning water lillies. Dee loved to sit in the garden watching the fish while smoking her head off. She even made friends with gardeners who were youngsters with learning difficulties. She also liked to walk with me to the front of the hospice to the gift shop where every day we took turns in buying each other a little somthing of the exact same thing so we had one each.

"There were no hard rules like hospitals just the safety rules and common sense. Dee's care in the hospice was excellent right to the end when on 14 July 2007 she sadly passed away with her eldest son Kieron at her side.

"Her Daughter-in-Law, Mum and I have always took part in fund raising one way or another to help keep the Hospice open.

"Such a Lovely Place with Lovely Staff and although Dee is no longer with us, I'm sure she would agree."


Yours Sue Hughes.x

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