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Jacqueline’s Story


Jacqueline’s Story

“Volunteering gives me a purpose.”


When you speak to a volunteer at St. Rocco’s, they will often express what an honour it is to represent the hospice. When asked why they chose to volunteer, the most frequent response is, “to give something back.”

One such dedicated volunteer, Jacqueline generously donates her time on Tuesdays at our Craft Club and We Care Coffee afternoons, as well as on Reception on Thursday’s. Jacqueline’s journey with St. Rocco’s began when her husband Derek received care at home by the Macmillan team. This experience prompted her to reach out to the hospice volunteering team, where she found her lifeline.

“After my husband died, I didn’t go out for 18 months, I didn’t know who I was anymore, I went from being needed 24/7 to nothing, I did all my shopping online and didn’t go out, I became a recluse.  I went to a family party and mentioned to my niece that I had been looking for volunteering places, I knew things had to change, that’s when she mentioned St. Rocco’s and that her mum worked there.”

Since Jacqueline began volunteering those around her have noticed her grow in confidence, she takes pride in being a person that others can confide in when going through a difficult time. Her compassionate nature and willingness to listen, as well as share her own experiences have made her a trusted volunteer with many.

At our We Care Coffee Afternoons, Jacqueline dedicates her time to engaging with patients and carers, getting involved with their weekly quizzes and creating moments of joy. Her presence has become a source of comfort and strength, making a significant difference to the lives of many patients, volunteers, and staff.

“Volunteering gives me a purpose, I am a different person when I volunteer, I am reconnecting with life, I now have a focus, a point of living.  Being helpful, just sitting holding someone’s hand or helping someone on the phone makes a difference. I have met some lovely people and lifelong friends, everyone is so loving and caring at the Hospice.  I have now entered the 3rd chapter of my life thanks to my volunteering!”

Thank you, Jacqueline, for being such a compassionate and amazing volunteer!