Making the most of the big 6-0


Turning 60 used to be viewed as passing the threshold for becoming ‘old’. Thankfully, those views are outdated and there are many people who now view 60 as the new 40.

Certainly, with the state pension age being constantly pushed back, many of us are having to work longer and be more active than our predecessors at that age.

Kerry Mutch, viewed turning 60 as an opportunity, as she explained to us. “When I hit 50, I challenged myself to complete the Great North Run. So, for 60 I wanted to do more.”

The more in this case is to climb 6000m, run 600k, walk 600 miles and 60 hours of conditioning.

“This means that on a weekly average, I will have to run 11k, walk 11 miles and 1 hr per week with Mr Motivator (definitely needed). When I saw that St. Rocco’s were running a 3 Peaks event, I realised this would help me reach the 6000m climb part of my challenge.”

Providing care

“I’d done the 3 peaks before, but all separately, so this seemed a great way to do it one go. With everything organised for you, all you need do is turn up at Glasgow station and take it from there. Plus, being able to raise money for such a deserving cause as St. Rocco’s Hospice is a win-win!

“My mum had bowel cancer and was cared for in a hospice, also I used to be an MS nurse, so know from personal experience how hard it is caring for someone with a palliative diagnosis. If I can provide much needed funds for the Hospice, whilst fulfilling my personal goal for this year, that will be great.”

Kerry joined Warrington running club in Sept 2021 and this has helped keep her training on track so far for 2022,

If you want to help her reach her goal of raising £1000, you can on her JustGiving page.

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