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Palliative Virtual Ward


Palliative Virtual Ward

18 months on


St Rocco’s are the lead provider for the Palliative Virtual Ward.  Working collaboratively with system partners, the virtual ward is an innovative way of working, using technology to further expand the care we provide and ensure choice for the people of Warrington who need our services.

 Our Palliative Virtual Ward is designed to allow for greater patient independence, a faster discharge, and to reduce the impact of a longer hospital stay.  It also means that, where appropriate, patients can choose to stay at home and receive specialised care from our clinical teams in the community and hospice.

Our nurse-led Palliative Virtual Ward was the first in the region and allowed us to demonstrate that St Rocco’s is at the forefront in new ways of working. The 12-month pilot provided an opportunity to test, learn and develop the blueprint to include palliative and end of life care within the national development of virtual wards.  Following success of the implementation of the nurse-led model, a further 12 months of funding was secured to develop the virtual ward and to include consultant oversight and medical support.

Over the last 18 months, we have been able to share our learning, including benefits and challenges, with a number of integrated care systems and have presented at national conferences.

To date, we have been able to support 147 patients and those important to them.  We have received some positive feedback from patients are carers:

 “Having regular calls from the Virtual Ward gave me a lot of reassurance that I was doing all I could for my husband.  Their advice helped me in decision making and I was also supported when I struggled myself.  This is invaluable for mental well-being.”

St Rocco’s will continually use feedback and lessons learned to further develop the Palliative Virtual Ward model.

 For more information about our Virtual Ward or any other services that St Rocco’s Hospice provide, please contact the Integrated Palliative Care Hub on 01925 575780 or visit

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