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St. Rocco's is more than the sum of its parts - it's about people, love and support

- Carer

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Why Will Volunteers at Light Up A Life

16 November 2017

“My Mum was cared for at St. Rocco’s 14 years ago and everything I do is to try and give something back for all that was done to look after her when she was there.”

Will Hill LUAL

Dedicate a Light

Will Hill works in the security industry but in his spare time he is part of a committed group of volunteers who support St. Rocco’s at our events. They are familiar faces, helping to set up beforehand, taking on marshalling duties, including car parking and they are always on hand to clear up at the end.

“We love helping with all the events – I absolutely love the Starlight Ladies Walk – I’ve helped at eleven now! It’s such a great atmosphere and this year’s Lantern Walk was also a highlight,” says Will.

Now he’s looking forward to volunteering at the Light Up A Life service which takes place at St. Rocco’s on Sunday 3rd December. He arrives in time to help set up inside the hospice before turning his attention to marshalling in the car park; with over 700 people usually attending, it can get quite busy! And you can rest assured that, whatever the weather on the night, Will will be there, supporting the staff to ensure that things go smoothly.

“Over the years we’ve worked to clear car parks of snow, scrapped away ice and and helped in every way we can to make sure that it all goes like clockwork on the day,” he explains.

So what does he think makes Light Up a Life so special?

“I think it brings a sense of comfort and relief to the people who dedicate the lights,” he says. “That moment of seeing the tree light up is always magical. You could almost call it ‘Light up a Soul’ because every light on the tree represents the soul of someone who is still loved but no longer here.”

Light Up A Life is open to anyone, not only those who have a connection to St. Rocco's. If you would like to dedicate a light to someone you love, then you can do so online here.

The Light Up A Life services take place at 4pm on Sunday 3rd December at St. Rocco’s and at 7pm on Thursday 7th December at St. Elphin’s Church in Warrington.

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