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Words cannot express our appreciation for the love, support and care given in the final days.

- Family of a hospice patient

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Seven Books in Seven Days for Young Fundraiser Aaron

16 November 2018

Meet Aaron – he’s 8 years old and is already a committed fundraiser for St. Rocco’s!

Aaron Rustage

He popped in this week to handover £44 that he has raised from a ‘Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar’ competition. As if that wasn’t kind enough he is already planning future fundraising operations. He has asked to have a stall at his school’s Christmas Fair where he is going to sell reindeer food that he is making himself.

He is a veteran Lantern Walker and over the last four years has raised £245.

He has set himself a future challenge of raising sponsorship for us by reading 7 books in 7 days. He’s already bought the books but thinks that he might have to wait for the school holidays to give himself a good run at reading!

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