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Thanks to Dr Sulaivany and all the staff for the care provided.

- Husband of a hospice patient

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Young fundraisers supporting St. Rocco's

22 August 2018

Thank you to Ciaran, Charlie and Leon who have been raising funds to help us to look after our patients

World cup sweepstake

The boys were given permission by their parents to visit St. Rocco’s to hand over £60 that they had raised through organising a sweepstake at their school, St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary, during the World Cup.

The boys had decided that they wanted to do some fundraising and chose St. Rocco’s.

“We know that St. Rocco’s is a charity which helps people make the most out of life,” explained Ciaran, “and we thought that it would be good to help St. Rocco’s to do that.”

Charlie’s great grandad was looked after by St. Rocco’s before he was born and Ciaran’s grandma was also cared for by her local hospice.

The boys, who all have younger siblings at the school, wanted do something different from other fundraising activities, such as bake sales and were delighted when so many fellow pupils and some of their teachers wanted to take part and with the amount that they raised.

Leon, Charlie and Ciaran are all moving on to high school in September and we’re sure they will be a real asset to their new schools! Thanks very much, boys!

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